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Working(out) from Home

Working out from home can be tough, but not impossible! Our #1 recommendation is focusing on the glute (or butt) muscles.

Glute exercises are important for proper pelvic alignment, supporting your low back, supporting your core, preventing knee injury, and preventing body stiffness and chronic discomfort. 

Our favorites?

Single Leg Deadlift

Front Squat

Lunge with Pass Under

Split Squats


Clam Shells

Hip Hikes

Don't have gym equipment at home? Look for any of these household items to substitute..

Alternatives to dumbbells 

+bag of rice (about 3 lbs)

+gallon jugs of water (about 8 lbs)

+laundry detergent bottles (150 oz bottle is about 9.4 lbs)

+tote bags filled with cans (1 can is about 1 lb, add as many as you like)

+bag of onions or apples

+paint cans

+exercise bands

+body weight

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