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5 things you'll never find your holistic chiropractor doing:

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

1. Cracking our own neck or back

The truth is, every chiropractor goes to another chiropractor for adjustments. We are unable to adjust ourselves with the correct vector and positioning on the joints. This means that no one should be adjusting their own backs & necks or forcing popping noises with extreme twisting. This can cause ligament laxity or injury by going past the joint's range of motion. It may feel like temporary relief, but it does not address the actual stuck joint in the spine. You'll find your chiropractors at local offices getting checked by other docs.

2. Sit-ups for core exercise

Sit-ups are just not the best way to engage the core muscles. It only works one group of the core muscles and neglects all of the rest. Plus, most people will perform this with poor form (rounded backs) which stresses the low back and discs. We often find L5 misalignments in the spine and increased muscle tension in the surrounding area. You'll find your chiropractors choosing bird dogs, dead bugs, and Russian get-ups instead to work all of the core stabilizers like the obliques and transverse abdominis.

3. Going to the medicine cabinet for a headache

Chiropractors get headaches too, but we like to fix the underlying cause of them. Here are the tools we use and underlying factors we consider

-chiropractic adjustment for neck misalignment

-hydration with filtered or RO water with electrolytes & trace minerals

-magnesium supplementation/muscle cream/epsom salt bath

-lacrosse ball massage on tight muscles (often trapezius, lats, and scalenes)

-emotional check in for stress-related causes (and utilizing FAST technique or scheduling Neuro Emotional Technique)

-eat a meal (blood sugar may have dropped if it has been too long since the last meal)

-walk or light exercise to increase blood flow

-essential oils for increased blood flow to the area (we love peppermint and eucalyptus)

4. Buying generic vitamins from GNC or the grocery store

We always choose professional or medical grade quality companies and ingredients. This ensures potent product with little or no fillers, additives, preservatives, or dyes. Groceries stores may offer some decent products, however, they are often formulated for high profits which mean cheaper forms of nutrients or synthetic ingredients. Your chiropractors use companies that sell quality products directly to healthcare providers at Fullscript.

5. Ignoring those mild & annoying symptoms like

-frequent night wakings

-discomfort while exercising

-painful periods

-pregnancy discomfort

We see those as signals from the body. Although they may be mild and easy to ignore or push through, the body will start yelling if you don't listen to it whispering to you. These are some of the ways the body tries to tell you that something is not quite right. Your chiropractors will explore the structural, nutritional, and emotional causes to these symptoms instead of covering them up.

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