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22 Healthy Ways to Welcome 2022

Dr. Lydia & Dr. Connor's favorite healthy habits for a balanced life

1. Never drink coffee on an empty stomach in the morning

2. Ditch plastic food containers for glass - reheating plastic releases toxic phthalates and BPA which are endocrine disruptors

3. Swap your desk chair for a standing desk and/or yoga ball

4. Try drinking up two-thirds of your body weight in ounces of water

5. Eat within 30 minutes of waking

6. Start replacing your products with non-toxic skin care & make-up - Dr. Lydia's favorite brands are Crunchi and BeautyCounter

7. Read food labels - if you can't pronounce it or it sounds like it was made in a lab, best to avoid

8. Get fresh air every day, especially if you work from home - a quick walk around the block gives you movement, vitamin D, and change of scenery

9. Take your vitamins - our daily favs are omega-3 fish oil, digestive enzymes, immune boosters, elderberry syrup

10. Ditch chlorinated tampons, pads, liners with organic, non-bleached products

11. Stay out of the middle aisles of the grocery store

12. Swap your usual cheese out for raw cheeses, goat, sheep cheese

13. Ditch soda, try kombucha instead

14. Swap home fragrances/candles for essential oils and beeswax candles

15. Add strength training to your exercise - specifically middle/lower traps, rhomboids, glutes

16. Make healthy freezer meals for emergencies - helps avoid ultra-processed fast food

17. Limit your news consumption

18. Choose experiences over gifts

19. Have more sex

20. Fill your home with what makes you smile - fresh flowers or live plants brighten up these dark winter days

21. Set boundaries - say no to what doesn't serve you or excite you

22. Get adjusted :)

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