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Support Yourself

Posture matters, no matter if you're sitting at work, standing in line at the grocery store or trying to deadlift 600 lbs.

More on this from Dr. Lydia: At this time of year, I see a lot of low back pain cases in the office. Many House of Chiropractic practice members are doing long hours of yard work, raking leaves, hanging seasonal decorations + lights, undergoing home renovations, and cleaning out their houses. To make sure your low back is well supported and stabilized, be sure to get adjusted and follow some of these helpful tips: + keep a wide base for support as you squat + make sure to keep your back straight as you lift with your legs + hold load close to the body + use your feet to change your direction + take frequent breaks to avoid fatiguing your stabilizing muscles - the core and glutes

AVOID + holding your breath + bending/twisting at the waist + jerking or lifting quickly + pulling a load if you can't push it

And if you felt like you overdid it: 1. replenish your body and muscles with water and a magnesium supplement 2. ice any sore areas 3. gentle stretching focusing on hip flexors, hamstrings, quads, IT band, TFL, adductors 4. call the office 484.928.0809 for an adjustment

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