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Superfoods for gut health

Love your belly, feed it well.

Super Foods:

sauerkraut *fermented cabbage kombucha *fermented black tea kefir *fermented milk product miso *fermented soybeans, barley, or brown rice tempeh *fermented soy kimchi *fermented vegetables/cabbage + spices yogurt *fermented cow/sheep/goat milk or alt. dairy fermented pickles *look for lactic acid fermented pickles fermented horseradish

Why are these foods so nutrient-dense and beneficial, you ask? That would be the fermentation process. For foods to go from raw to fermented, microorganisms (think good bacteria or yeast) are added, which converts carbohydrates to alcohol or other acid and preserves a high nutrient content. Fermented foods can keep your digestion on track, boost immunity, and decrease inflammation. With recent research showing links between our microbiome and serious diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer's, it's no wonder these gut-friendly foods are gaining popularity.

Have adrenal fatigue? If your digestive tract is inflamed from too much bread and sugar and wine, you won't absorb nutrients from all the great food you're now eating. And remember: your body perceives inflammation as a stressor, so an inflammed GI tract can worse adrenal fatigue!

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