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Reading the Signs

⚠️Is your body trying to signal you?⚠️

+low energy/fatigue

+restless sleep

+constipation/upset stomach

+headaches or body pain


+feeling overwhelmed

+tight/tense muscles

These are common signals that the body is out of balance and holding on to s.t.r.e.s.s.

One key tool we use at @house_of_chiropractic is nutritional support during times of stress + change. Some of the most common recommendations? Magnesium and homeopathy which calm the nervous system and fill nutritional gaps in the diet.

Check out this free online assessment if you are looking for a deeper understanding to your symptoms. At HoC, we utilize this assessment to understand the connections between the mind, body, emotional, and nutritional state of the person. Send your results to for interpretation and evaluation

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