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Making it last

Use this easy checklist to make your adjustment last longer!

1. Take it easy - Don't do anything too strenuous or overly stressful after your adjustment. A good habit is taking a 5-10 minute walk after your appointment to help your body acclimate to its new position. 2. Water, Water, and More Water - Soft-tissue work and chiropractic adjustments break up and release toxins into your system. Two of these toxins are uric acid and lactic acid. It can feel like you’ve had a strenuous workout, even if you didn’t even break a sweat today. The most important factor to flushing out these toxins is to stay hydrated. (1/2 your body weight in ounces!) 3. Take out your wallet - No, we're not talking about spending money!  We’re addressing where you put that wallet after your session. Is it sticking it in your back pocket causing you to sit higher on one side than the other? Consider putting your wallet in your front pocket, where its impact on your newly-adjusted spine is minimized. 4. Uncross your legs - Try not to cross your legs, except at your ankles.  People who cross their legs tend to always cross the same one.  Doing this regularly can cause your spine to become unbalanced and subluxated. 5. Improve your posture - You should always try to sit/stand as erect as possible with your shoulders, back, and head directly above your spine… Quit slouching. 6. Do your prescribed exercises - Whether your symptom was caused by a repetitive movement on the job, by an habitual posture, or by a trauma… chiropractic can help. But aftercare can REALLY help. Your adjustment may be able to offer you immediate relief but now it’s time to retrain your body, using the time between visits. 7. Ice, Ice Baby -  You might think that heat is the solution for a throbbing muscle. But often the reverse is true. Forget turning up the heat, and turn up the COLD instead! Ice increases circulation (blood flow) while reducing inflammation. That increased circulation takes toxins out more quickly from the affected area. Enhanced circulation also introduces nutrients to your joints and muscles more effectively, accelerating the healing process. Use a bag of frozen peas, ice in a thick plastic bag, or a cold pack to activate the healing properties of cold… without overdoing it.

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