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Long commutes & Road trips . . .

Is this how you look driving in the car?👀

Things to be aware of: ❌Head poking forward ❌Rounded shoulders ❌Upper back rounding ❌Rounded lower back ❌Pelvis Slouched Look familiar? It's probably the exact same posture you have while sitting on your phone/computer. This can lead to issues like headaches, sciatica, tight shoulders and lower back pain. (… just to name a few) Ways to correct your driving posture: ✔Keep seat height as high as it can comfortably go ✔Rest your head on the headrest (which should be positioned to keep your head back/aligned over the shoulders.. try doing 10 chin tucks at every red light, holding 5 sec each) ✔Shoulders should remain relaxed in a downward/backward position (gently pull your shoulder blades back & down by squeezing them together) ✔Upper back remains upright (slouching or sticking out the chest can over-extend the back's natural curves) ✔Lumbar support (can help support a neutral arch in the low back and prevent slouching) ✔Tuck your tailbone underneath you (the aim is to position the pelvis so you are sitting directly on your "sit bones")

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