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Injury Prevention Essentials

Stick to the basics

× warmups bring blood flow to the muscles like squats or jumping jacks

× 15 minutes of stretching post workout helps with flexibility and prevent tightness like psoas/hip flexor stretch, cat/cow, baby cobra

× less cushion in your running shoes. research shows that wearing running shoes with less cushion may lower your risk of injuries by adhering to your body's natural biomechanics when moving × use resistance bands to build strength. you can't use momentum while using bands since they do not have a mass of their own - your muscles have to work throughout to stretch the bands (versus flinging a weight up when performing a biceps curl)

× know when to skip a workout! You're sick "below the neck": high-intensity exercise when you have a respiratory illness may cause your body to produce cortisol and hamper self-healing systems. You're exhausted: lack of sleep can dip your energy levels - it's better to reschedule until you get better sleep. You're sore: if you have delayed onset muscle soreness from your last workout, wait until that subsides before you exercise that area again.

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