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How To: Hip Stretch

🙋‍♀️TIGHT HIPS?!🙋‍♀️ You came to the right place!!

Take a break and stretch the PSOAS (aka the powerful hip flexor). This muscle is at the front of the hips and it is engaged when running, walking, biking (just about any physical activity that brings your knee closer to your chest) AND they stay shortened while you're sitting.

AKA... most of us need a little hip opener stretch to combat the long hours sitting or working out

How to stretch the psoas:

1. Kneel on one knee

2. Lean forward towards the front leg

3. Prevent an arch in the low back by performing a small posterior pelvic tilt to bring the pubic bone forward and flatten your low back

4. Reach the same side arm back and over, crossing above your head to the opposite side

5. Hold for 10 seconds and release

6. Repeat 5x on each side

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