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Herbs for immunity boost

Antiviral herbs

+inhibit the development of viruses

+boost immune system

+anti-inflammatory properties

+cardiovascular support

+digestive support


A study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine concluded that elderberry can be used as a natural antiviral herb for flu, as it was able to safely fight both influenza A and B. This natural remedy for flu proved to be effective on all strains of influenza virus that were tested, plus its low in cost and does’t cause adverse side effects.

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Echinacea is one of the most powerful natural antivirals against human viruses. It contains a compound called echinacein that inhibits bacteria and viruses from penetrating healthy cells. This greatly reduces the chances of contracting any type of infection while consuming echinacea.


This antiviral herb has high amounts of flavonoids, which are plant-based antioxidants that protect cells from being damaged by free radicals; it also fights viruses, inflammation and bacteria.

The dried petals of the plant are used in tinctures, ointments and washes to treat infections, burns, wounds and cuts.


Experiments have shown that garlic — or specific chemical compounds found in garlic — is highly effective at killing countless microorganisms responsible for some of the most common and rarest infections, including tuberculosis, pneumonia, thrush and herpes. Some raw garlic benefits include its ability to reduce the risk of cancer, control hypertension, boost cardiovascular health and fight hair loss.

Licorice Root:

Licorice root is emerging as a prominent player in the search for treatment and prevention for diseases like hepatitis C, HIV and influenza. The Chinese Journal of Virology published a review that confirms the antiviral activity of licorice root due to its triterpenoid content. Another 2010 publication notes licorice’s antioxidant, free radical-scavenging and immuno-stimulating effects.

If you use infusions or essential oils, remember that the products are extremely potent and should not be taken for a long period of time. If you use these natural remedies for their antiviral properties, do not consume them for more than two weeks. Giving yourself a break between long doses is important.If you are pregnant, be cautious of using essential oils and reach out to your health care provider before doing so. Some of these antiviral herbs interact with medications, so read up on an herb before you begin consuming its extract or essential oil.

Source: Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DMN, CNS

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