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A Deeper Look into Stress

Are my


-body pains

-general anxiety


-fertility issues

-self-sabotaging behaviors

-food sensitivities

-joint pain

-sleeping problems ... related to my everyday stresses?

Our office sees many individuals who are experiencing several symptoms like pain, fatigue, low mood, and sleeping problems but all the traditional testing says their bodies are "in normal range".

What are their tests not checking?

At House of Chiropractic, we understand the neurological and physiological process in which the body holds on to emotions that one has experienced from the beginning of life to present time. The subconscious mind remembers all of these experiences, including negative & traumatic ones.

At any point in time, these emotions can be triggered and translate to pain on the physical level.

Dr. Lydia uses Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) - a technique to correct the neurological imbalances related to the physiology of unresolved stress that is safe, scientific, and simple. NET is used by practitioners to help physical problems that have an associated stress component. Stress can definitely be a factor in acute situations, and it is also often a factor in chronic and hard-to-resolve conditions.

What the research tells us: Results from a recently published study demonstrated significant changes in the NET group, as compared to the control group, in the functional connectivity between the cerebellum (including the vermis) and the amygdala, parahippocampus, and brain stem. Likewise, participants receiving the NET intervention had significant reductions in autonomic reactivity based on heart rate response to the traumatic stimulus compared to the control group.

To find out more about this treatment, you can check out the documentary STRESSED right here.

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