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What are you willing to lose?

Life is always about balance, right? Balancing sleep, work, and a social life. Balancing family time, friend time, and alone time. Life is also about give and take. You give money to take home a new product. You take a vacation and give up time away from work. There are always shifts occurring in life - give and take, up and down, ebb and flow.

When it comes to health we see the same shifts occurring. There are GAINS and LOSSES. What are you looking to gain when it comes to health? What you are looking to lose? When we talk with our patients, we CELEBRATE their losses along with their gains.

...and in our opinion, the gains are the best part! Here is an insight at what people are LOSING + GAINING with Chiropractic care focused on Whole Body Balance.

Patients report LOSING...

- anxiety

- headaches

- emotional stress

- pain

- movement restrictions

What they reported GAINING in the process...

+more energy

+better sleep


+mobility & flexibility


+feeling more at ease


More on Whole Body Balance: Our focused lens through which we understand the human body that blends chiropractic philosophy, applied kinesiology, meridian therapy, neuroscience, homeopathy, nutrition, and physiology to identify underlying stress patterns in the mind and body.

At House of Chiropractic, we look at your body's ability to adapt to its environment in order to thrive as an individual. When stresses in life from our lifestyle & movement patterns, mental stress, and nutrition overburden our nervous system, our natural state of healing and homeostasis is disrupted. Our objective is to restore homeostasis + balance to the mind & body.

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